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Lumo lift

This article will equip you with ways you can make your body more fit in terms of posture, workouts, controlling your calorie levels among others; so are you ready to start your journey to being completely fit and comfortable with your physical state? Just read on.

Ever imagined of a health and fitness coach who will always be with you? Who you can carry undetected to your workplace, to a job interview to a date or any other relevant place? Well maybe not. But I guess the reason you are here is because your health and fitness is a concern. If my guess is right, then you can be assured that you are at the right place for the right reasons.

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About Lumo Lift

Lumo Lift is a product by Lumo Body Tech INC; a company dedicated to help the society attain complete physical fitness using new technology. Through technological ideas Lumo has developed several gadgets that helps individuals attain their best physical potential.

One of their more popular devices is the Lumo Lift. This device has been innovated to keep track of your body posture, calories, distance and steps and is worn within your clothes. The device has gained much popularity due to its uniqueness and simplicity. Most people have a problem maintaining the right body posture as well as controlling their workout paces and distance.

Product Specs

It actually concentrates on how the user positions their shoulders, chest and the upper back using its interchangeable magnetic clasps. In case your positioning is not right, the gadget stimulates mild vibrations that reminds your conscious about your posture.

lumo lift app Lumo Lift comes with both an android and ios application. The application is installed on your phone to keep track of the indicated activates. It takes record of the distance and steps you cover in a day, the level of your body calories, the time you were in the right posture and the level of your body activity within a specific time.

Several live tests have been carried out to confirm the reliability of this health and fitness accessory. It has been tested for maintaining the right back posture when worn at the chest or shoulders. At that position the user can avoid the chances of premature bending of the vertebral column and back pain as a result of bad posture. It then keeps record of the number of times you are in a standing and sitting position. Although few customer reviews are available due to short lifespan of the product, it has been said to work on all groups of people and occupations such as models, artists, athletes among others.

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wearing lumo lift

- Helps the user maintain a healthy and good-looking posture.

- The sensor is small, simple and fashionable hence doesn’t bother the user.

- Runs in the background without being detected by other parties except the user.

- The sellers gives a 30 day guarantee with a money-back policy.

- Its magnetic clasps are fashionable and can work with almost all both male and female outfits.


- It requires a complimentary display device with an android or IOS operating systems.

- The battery last for 5 days and it takes approximately 2 hours to recharge.

Planning to buy Lumo Lift?

Buying directly from the official Lumo website is recommended. It goes at a cost $99.99 with free shipping for all buyers within the Unites States. Buying in packs for the family or in bulk is a bit cheaper and can help you save up to $200. The Lumo Lift clasps are also available at a retail price of $ 19.99. A 30 day return policy has been provided though it starts counting immediately when your accessories are shipped. The manufactures has also provided a 90 days warranty to cover for possible manufacturing defects and dysfunction.


So have you always found yourself in that body posture that your Mama warns you against or keeps complaining? Are you afraid that you may develop back complications in future as a result of your body posture? Once you take into account that the Lumo Lift will take 2 hours to recharge and the need for a compatible device (which most people already have), the Lumo Lift seems to be an ingenious way of keeping on track of not only your posture but your fitness and calorie intake levels.

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